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Project Basement Extension London Basement Conversion

      Basement waterproofing Extension Technology

       DPC  for basement waterproofing is a high-performance polymeric material designed to suit all applications. A range of standard performed units is available for use when DPC is to use as a cavity tray system for extensions. DPC As well as being a complete waterproofing and damp proofing system waterproof floors and waterproof walls, the system is also used to upgrade damp and defective floors.

      In above ground situations or in areas where no free running water is expected, for example where external pavements have built up Your basement, the ventilated system can use This method seen as a sympathetic solution in Heritage type properties as a general damp proofing system.
       The fabric of the building remains unchanged, but the new internal surfaces are ‘dry’ and are salt and contamination free... Damp membrane systems come with a thirty-year product guarantee. The guarantee covers the membrane and ancillary components.
       BuildVoy is available to visit the site to give advice on particularly difficult or unusual situations, where appropriate specifications are prepared to assist in the correct use of the system.
       Leisure Study, Photography Studio Playroom, Home Cinema, Music Room


Basement Extensions London  Extension
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       We will help you Clearly understand, why your leaks water and what you can do to Improve To the highest standard. Before you spend a small fortune, follow the tips given.

Learn more about professional basement waterproofing systems and use the systems of professional basement waterproofing contractors.


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