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It doesn’t matter the size of job. We aim to please.

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BuildVoy Services advice as builder




Can you recognise


A good contractor from a bad?


Quote from the correct or wrong?


Building materials from the bad?


How can a client recognise the difference between a cowboy builder and an honest, reputable tradesman? These rogue traders are cashing in on the fact that someone who needs ongoing construction works would not fully understand the nature of employment. Television programs, give you an idea of the things that they have done and what they are capable of,  but the fact of the matter is that it is tough to recognise a cowboy builder.


Honest Builder contains a wealth of information about construction and allows you the knowledge to try to avoid the cowboy builder


With our experience and knowledge in all areas that covers extensions and the refurbishments of your home, BuiidVoy services can help.


We provide a very fast and reliable services in London and surrounding areas. Not only does the construction of a house extension increases the amount of living space, but it will also add value to your home.


Our  Services always intended to keep all of our customers fully informed throughout the construction project no matter how challenging the extension is or what materials are used; we always pay attention to detail.




Buildvoy Services advice as builder


A single story extension will cost more per square meter than a two story construction. In theory, a triple room would be cheaper still. In practice, the price of square meter depends on the size of the property.


It is possible that you would like a bigger extension, but your budget cannot stretch that far at that moment in time, but sometimes it is better to wait and save to acquire the outlook that you want and also the proper builder who will give you a better quality job at a fear price.