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How to choose a gas water heater?


The most important parameter when selecting the water heater will be his power. When the water stream with a capacity of 1 l / min, warmed to 10 ° C (cold water) to 40 ° C (hot water), the power for such a movement with such efficiency should be 2.1 kW. When using the sink capacity need about 5 l / min, the shower will be a value of 7 l / min and the rapid filling of baths you need, eg capacity of 9 l / min. Based on these assumptions, we can continue depending on our needs, calculate the power needed for the boiler. For these assumptions can calculate the power of a gas heater:

  • to wash 5x2, 1kW = 10.5 kW
  • 7x2 for the shower, 1 kW = 14.7 kW
  • for the bathtub 9x2, 1 kW = 18.9 kW

These calculations should also be extended to the possible use of several sanitary devices simultaneously. When selecting a heater power is too low to be aware of the lack of comfort using warm water in the house, so an important aspect is choosing the appropriate power in the BUILDVOY plumbing services to help.We operate in the following areas:



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