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Electrical services 

      Electrical works is one of the most critical aspects of home and office renovation at construction London. Poor isolation, overloading and errors in connecting wires are not only extremely dangerous. All will cost you a lot more to fix if something goes wrong. Our certified electricians from BuildVoy will make sure that job is done properly and according to required standards. 
      You can choose to use electricians who are registered installers. You can choose who does have all the necessary training and experience. They can carry out the work on the construction. If such a person can demonstrate their competence and professional to clients, then they are bound to do deliver the best electrical services qualified electricians to their customers. 
      We specialise in: Residential rewiring projects, Fuse Board Repairs, Home Electrical Alterations, TV/Phone Wiring / Sockets, Garden Lighting, Innovative Lighting Design, Outdoor , Testing, all system fault finding & repairs Inspection, Reports, Home Networking Solutions, Doorbells, Smoke, Fire alarm installation, Cooker Installations. Any emergency lighting as well as smoke and fire alarm systems.


Electrical Works and  Electrical Services:
* Antenna Installation
* Light Installation
* Satellite Installation
* Electrical Wiring
* Phone installation
* Air Conditioning Installation
* Alarm Installation
* Appliance Repairs
* Electrical Contractors
* Video Security System Installation

       Whether it involves any possible fault, or even suspect with electrical failure matter, or may be proven, different breakdown. In that case BuildVoy can have qualified electricians with you in the shortest of the possible time. Don’t wait ! Is to dangerous you may have young children. Electrician is qualified and trained to repair, install and maintain or handling  any electricity, electrical circuitry and wiring. BuildVoy is able to maintain any equipment and install wherever is needed electrical  systems. Maybe is a small task so our  electrician will come to your site and straight away complete the job, if not he will provide a quote.

Our Electricians value to your service by:

*Saving your money
*Offering customer's informed choices
*Reducing energy requirements and usage
*Helping reduce their carbon footprint
*Reducing negative impact on the environment

       All electrical installation should be issued by the property owner with an electrical services installation certificate or a minor  installations works certificate to confirm that the work was done with the requirements of BS 7671.