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        Our quotations are valid for 45 days.This may last longer if the price of material does not change after the 45 days are up. This can only be handed out once the project has been visited and evaluated by our skilled and qualified staff.

         Estimates are valid for 90 days from the date received by the client. All our quotes and estimates should reach the consumer within ten working days. We can provide the customer with their quotes and estimates by post or via e-mail whichever is more convenient. To ensure that there is no misunderstanding between our clients and us we always try our best to meet on a one to one basis. This will allow us to be clear on what was expected from both parties.


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       We have the experience and are very professional in what do. We are also very straight with our customers. On this note, this is what we have estimated for your job. Any extras or deviation from the estimated price and any unknowns which require correction will be charged for supply delivery and fitting.



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