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Having a porch can be a beautiful and well-needed addition to your home in London.



It will be the handy time of the weather is bad, and your keys was lost in your handbag, or it can be a suitable place to keep your everyday shoes, umbrella, coats and recycling bits.
Building a porch must hark back to the foundation of the building, for even the smallest porch must be equally reinforced concrete as an extension.
Most people are put off by the thought of the huge hassle of applying for planning permission. You should be aware that this is not always necessary.
Front porch London WOOD PORCH
Please note that if you are adding a porch to your house or bungalow, you must first check that your permitted development rights have not  changed before starting any project.
You must be aware that if you are planning to do any electrical works as simple as installing a light socket, it must be fitted or checked by a professional and a certificate of approval granted.

      We at BuildVoy have qualified builders, plumbers and electricians with years of experience and can provide you with the proper certificates and documentations’ for jobs carried out by us.

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