It doesn’t matter the size of job. We aim to please.

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 Professional Handyman services in London



What can we do?

       We specialise in small jobs at home and office; we can understand all the little jobs for you as a minimum of noise!



       We can fix drips, leaks, taps changing, plumb in washing machines and refrigerators.    
Central heating,  plumbing fixtures,   shower installations and  repairing of piping systems


       Handyman can replace the outlets and switches, wireless equipment, changes in lighting and lamps; we can supply virtually any light for and Office, regardless of how they appear to be extraordinary, Fuse Board Repairs, Home Electrical Alterations, Sockets also  Garden Lighting, Innovative  any Lighting Design,


       We can install doors, locks, handles and hinges are suitable catflaps and more! Lost keys? Try before you call a locksmith dear!


       We can install shelves with their specifications - no problem!           


       Flatpack no problems? Handyman love it and can charge you with the speed of light!
AND much much more, ask question 24h/7.
We are fully insured and has years of experience, so you can be sure we can handle almost all the tasks required to participate
      Let's face it; not everyone has the skills, tools or time to undertake maintenance and repair of houses. But those handyman jobs need to do to make your home safe, comfortable and safe - and keep the equity your biggest asset.  
     BuildVoy Home Repair Handyman take the necessary services to a new level of professionalism with fast, affordable and quick and reliable service. This peace of mind.

BuildVoy operates in Central, North, West, Southwest, Northwest, East, and Southeast London.