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Noise nuisance in the construction industry is intangible problem,


which threatens the health of residents. Neglected, leading to fatigue and even medical conditions in people exposed to noise.

Sound proof London

Do you have any loud neighbors? 

Can you be bothered by the sound of footsteps overhead?

Can you hear some people home cinema  and conversation coming through your ceiling from the everywhere?



This is a commonplace problem in the apartments.

The so-called shock noise is a problem primarily in the flats. However, residents of single-family homes also suffer the discomfort associated with the transmission of vibration by building materials. Onerous terms on the effect of restricting communication, nervous arousal, and in extreme cases - migraines and neuroses. Often, however, the harmful impact of sound on human health and well-being is ignored, mainly because of their regular occurrence in the place of residence.
Let BuildVoy help you to have the privacy, peace and very quiet home you deserve.

Mute without interference

Construction of damping sound proof London services.

Tegola allows eliminating tipping sounds coming from up to 30 dB. Used for their production of sound proof with excellent attenuation characteristics.


This is a commonplace problem in the apartments. When you step into your own living space, you don’t want to be invaded by the sounds of those living around you.



BuildVoy has developed sound proof materials to meet the specific needs of the condo and home owners.