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Insulation of the attic: insulation roofs in London area.

       Thermal insulation of roofs is necessary if we want to spend the attic space for residential purposes. Warm the attic is usually performed with mineral wool or glass wool.

       If you want to spend the attic space for residential purposes, thermal insulation of roofs (loft insulation) will be essential, even necessary, since the attic in the winter to protect against loss of heat (energy saving), while in the summer before too strong heating of the attic.

       Insulating barrier is usually performed with mineral wool (you can use both mats and slabs of mineral wool). Mineral wool is a good thermal insulator, and thanks to its elastic structure can be tightly fill the space between the rafters which will ensure a good thermal insulation. Furthermore, it is non-flammable, so in the event of fire protect for some time a wooden roof structure.
Installation of attic insulation slants starts from the bottom. Another mineral wool mats should strictly adhere to each other, which guarantees a well-made warming.

       It is recommended that insulation thickness is not less than 6 inches. As the thickness of the rafter is usually less wool slabs arranged in two layers: the first one between the rafters, the second (protecting various parts of the roof structure) - the grilled items, which shall be attached to the lining.

       To protect the insulation from moisture, they must be secured from the inside vapour barrier film. Warming can cover with foil first, then complete the installation of the grate, or vice versa - first attach wool and grill, then cover the whole film.
       Olso must ensure that the thermal bridge is not formed at the connection with expanse gable roof. Most of these calls is done in such a way that the upper edges of the wall leads up to foil the roof and there is no room for wool. In this way creates a thermal bridge (the place where he is raising heat loss). To prevent this problem to finish the top edge of the wall below the peak - the underside of the rafters - and put them in this place warming.





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