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It doesn’t matter the size of job. We aim to please.

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                                          Plumbing Guarantee

                                    We definitely GUARANTEE our appointment to arrive.
  We will make it easier for you to plan all ahead, and ensures problems get fixed instantly

            If you need urgent service, we can be there at a juncture notice.  And if we are late, we will give you a discount voucher for wasting your time!

         BuildVoy  will give you a guaranteed price for all your London plumbing needs before we even lift a spanner and there are no cowboys costly surprises!




           You get a guarantee on labour.  Plus in the unlikely event, you are not satisfied we will either repair it or pay one of our competitors to terminate the job!

           You can get BuildVoy when you need us most.  Our phones are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any of London plumbing, blocked drains, gas fitting and hot water fixing. There is no job too small or large!

Our friendly, trustworthy professionals will precisely examine your plumbing system and give you a full detailed report for free.  Find out the potential hazards and possible disasters waiting to happen!

            For BuildVoy there is nothing we cannot mend.  Our fleet of fully

stocked vehicles are ready for any plumbing emergency all the time!

            All boilers we install are fully pressure tested and guaranteed for 5 years against leaking. For all plumbing, our labour is 3 years guaranteed.