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It doesn’t matter the size of job. We aim to please.

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Independent Roofing contractors are offering a first class, comprehensive roofing services in the building with the newest technology and also to suit the pocket of every client.


The roofing contractor is minor repair to your roofs, a remove and tile for a new roof, with a much different of colours in either ceramic or concrete tile can transform your house. BuildVoy roofers also offer repair or renovations from contractors for all properties.


There are many choices from roof repairs same relatively exotic materials such as slate and terracotta tile and same a heavy duty frame.
Consider roofing we need to think about several important points, durability, cost, and fire resistance which our services are offering.


Glass Roof repair  Contractors Roof repair Terra Cotta Tile - Roofing Contractors

All the roofs are interrupted by house components like chimneys, skylights, soil stacks or vents. Always extremely critical section are from the vertical wall, around chimneys, and anywhere a roof surface abuts valleys.


  • Front gable
  • Cross gabled
  • Bonnet
  • Mansard
  • Pavilion-hipped
  • Side-gabled
  • Salt Box
  • Gambel
  • Hipped